Apology for yesterday’s post

21st September 2020

Yesterday’s post was published without being properly proofed and so had a number of typos, and these typos marred the post for some readers.

Even if the typos were promptly corrected online, the email version of the post sent to subscribers could not be corrected.

I apologise for those typos.  


21 thoughts on “Apology for yesterday’s post”

  1. No apology needed. I don’t believe you are paid to do these and it’s simply appreciated that you give your time and knowledge.

  2. It was an excellent article regardless of typos and interesting to see Lady Hale, she of the brooches, coming out with a similar legal position.

    Greatly appreciate your work and commentary.

  3. “Denial of the Protagonist” by the grammar-police has suppressed many a valuable insight; “keep on keeping on”

  4. I’m sure we’ve all been there and done the same (or worse) on occasion. As others have said, I’d much rather receive your thoughts on the legal issues of the day fresh off the lathe, even before you’ve had time to smooth off any rough edges, than wait for perfection. Your thread on Twitter analysing Sir Jonathan Jones’s letter to staff was exquisite (certainly one to treasure), and my pleasure was in no way marred by the occasional typo, any more than with yesterday’s email. Indeed, the immediacy of your analysis was part of the thrill.

    1. This is so beautifully written that I now feel a need to apologise for my own very boring response to DAG’s apology!

  5. No need to apologise. And please bear in mind, those who point out typos are generally not sniping but are trying to help prevent the distractive potential those typos might have on other readers.

  6. No problem! I am sure any minor shortcoming in the post were partly linked to frustration at a British Government seemingly intent on trashing the country’s hard won and renown international reputation and the need to respond with haste.

  7. It merely confirmed that you are also human!! Your analysis and clear explanations have been really helpful during those difficult times.

  8. Typos really didn’t matter, partly an indication of haste which I can positively appreciate, partly a little intelligence test for the reader. Excellent and timely post, thank you

  9. I’m pathologically sensitive to “lazy” spelling and grammar errors, but I didn’t even notice the slip-ups you’ve owned up to.

    Evidence that content always trumps style, I imagine…

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