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3rd May 2021

Today – a bank holiday – has been taken up with dealing with an (ahem) irksome IT problem which, I am happy to now say, has been resolved.

The consequence of that problem is that it is now too late to post on the topic I was intending to post on today.

But instead of not posting at all (and I do like posting once a day if I can), I thought regular readers would like to know what is coming up – and also what I am seeking to move away from blogging about.

Upcoming are:

 – a couple of posts on the legal side of the ‘culture wars’ – premised on the basis of a previous post Suppose the government wanted a culture war and nobody came? – approaching relevant politic-cultural topics not as a combatant but as a commentator

 – a series of posts on the gaps in accountability and transparency in the conduct of the state of the United Kingdom – in respect of the Ombudsman system, the corononial system and public procurement;

 – more posts on issues relating to Black Lives Matter – including a follow-up to the Smiley Culture post and posts on other deaths in custody and whether those infamous ‘lessons’ are ever ‘learned’; and

 – the completion of my series on the Begum case (here and here), which shows the extent of sheer executive power in respect of the position of the individual.

I will also, from time to time, deal with something odd in the news – like Handforth parish council or Colin the Caterpillar – for no better reason than I think it would be amusing and instructive to look at it from a law and policy perspective.

And, of course, I will deal with any more earnest news developments if I can think of anything useful to say.


I am beginning to think that there is little new to say about certain enduring subjects such as the (lack of) honesty of politicians and the limits of the constitution to address the (dire) state of our politics.

The subject remains crucially important – but averring that there are constitutional problems caused by political dishonesty and hyper-partisanship that need practically resolving is repetitive to write and, not doubt, to read.

Unless there is something fresh to say on the (absence of) practical accountability of the prime minister and related topics, I can only offer what I have said before as a given.

Many thanks to you for reading my blog – and an additional thanks to those of you who support it.

6 thoughts on “A short post about some upcoming topics on this blog”

  1. Not talking about dishonesty in public office is what the people being dishonest in public life want.

    I expect there will be sufficient new legal aspects to keep bad government in your writing.


  2. I’ve been hoping you’d write about the recent Climate Rebellion case where six defendants were found not guilty with “no defence in law “

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